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January 31, Two women visited my company berth as Seawoman. (Now, Some woman are also in the merchant marin school in Japan. But though regrettable, there are still not many places of the activity.) This 2nd officer is often coming to the Osaka port. And it works with us. The appearance and her work are very beautiful. She really knows her all jobs. It can respect. I wish their Bon Voyage.
Ship name: M/V Jorgen Lauritzen

Nationality: Denmark

G/W    : 14,406 t

L.O.A   : 164.30m

Crew   : Denmark & Philippine

Cargo   : Fresh Banana

From   : Ecuador

Date    : 31st Jan. 2003

Port    : Osaka (HS-1)

Fresh Bnana Discharging

in the Hold

Fresh Banana Discharging

on the deck

Left  : 3rd Officer

Center : Apprentice Officer   

Right  : 2nd Officer

※ I wrote this page in English for them. Because I show them my HP address. Thanks.